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The success of any business, product or service depends not only on their quality, but also on the branding strategy. How well your brand identity is established, your brand positioning and your brand presence is felt, there are some key aspects where you need Barter Daddy experience.

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Brand logo

First impressions are important, and for many potential customers, your logo will provide an early introduction to your brand.

Product Packaging

Product packaging design is directly related to marketing. Take a look at innovative packaging design and see how it can impact a brand and its marketing.

Brand Creation

The purpose of the branding process is to increase the brand equity of a company. Brand equity is a collection of assets associated with our brand name and symbols that add value to our services.


Rebranding is a great opportunity to strengthen your company's image. Our rebranding guide gives strategic and tactical advice on how to do it right.

Business Card

A small card that identifies a person in relation to his business, given to a client, potential client, etc.

Social Media Branding

Many companies struggle with social media branding. On one hand, you want the branding to be the same across all channels.

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“We work personally on each and every one of our projects. We analyze and study the brand first, to create a creative and robust guide, and to create integrated concepts that work.”

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